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You want an App? You need a Website? Great!

This is how our journey to your awesome Website or App may look like, so you get an idea, how the magic will happen.

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Let's have a chat!

You are the expert, when it comes to your business. Tell me about it.

I want to learn about your company and your ideas. Together we explore possible solutions, tailored to your needs.

We set the goals and milestones of the development and settle on the hardfacts.


See what you will get!

I will create a prototype of the product you want and present it to you. It won't be the finished product but a first step towards it.

This way, you know what you will get and we can talk about adjustments, if there is something you exected to be different.

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Let's build it!

I will finish building your product.

In this phase the Website or Application get's build and finished based on all of your input you gave in the prior phases and my skill.

Before we present our work to the world, there will be a final meeting. So everything is perfect!

Get it and keep it running!

It's online!

Once everything is up and running, let's take a moment to enjoy what we accomplished.

After that, you won't be left alone! Since IT is changing rapidly, I will maintain your product, making shure everything runs smooth and make minor changes to keep up with current developments in IT.

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Who is this guy?

Let me introduce myself.

Contact me

Websites and Application

You want a website or app, that is modern, safe and tailored to your business? Write me at



For job-offers from headhunter or HR, you can also contact me via linkedIn by clicking the symbol below.

My Philosophy in a nutshell

My desire was allways to understand and shape the world around me.
High Quality craftmanship is my desire, when it comes to style, security and meeting the clients goals.